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Young Leaders Project

Posted by admin on 2015-02-12 20:09:20 MST
Today it is my pleasure as one of the PROs of the 2015 Young Leaders to thank you for being part of this year's program which is being presented under the theme, " Digital Citizenship: Responsibly Navigating Technology. A Good  digital citizen is one who possesses the right attitude of being responsible and aware of their actions on all forms of technological devices.
It is the hope of the Young Leaders to sensitize the student body on ways of being responsible while using technology. We recognize that while the Internet is a wonderful place to be and while technology creates great opportunities it can be detrimental if used inappropriately and abused. 
So far the young leaders have visited Gbn, Gis spice morning program,wee fm and the GTC radio station to inform the public about being technologically wise and about the positive uses of technological device. Students use technology for all the wrong reasons. With your help teachers we can encourage the students to use technological devices in a positive way. For example :to do home work,research etc.
One of the aims of the young leaders programme is to help young people work together as a team. What better way to work as a team than helping students as teachers to me more interactive and communicate better in this technological era? As part of the project we have collaborated with our IT department to create a moodle which is not only interactive but it is a means of better teaching us the students of this very diverse institution.  We want us All to be better digital citizens. Our motto is: BTW-Be Techno Wise!
By PRO Delroy Creft, Form 3 Student.

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