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International Peace Quilt 2012 - Thanks!

Posted by admin on 2012-10-17 09:38:20 MDT

From:  Trish Booth

Sent: Friday, September 14, 2012 9:05 AM
To: Vondra Haynes
Cc: Boca Secondary School
Subject: Certificate/ Schools International Peace Quilt Project
Dear Vondra,
Thank you so much for participating in the Schools International Peace Quilt which has united 200 schools from 200 Countries across the World.It has been an uplifting and inspiring journey which culminated in the London display just a mile and a half  from the Olympic Stadium. We had the pleasure of the Mayor and local MP. The Mayor himself was quite amazing in that He took in every single design. We also had Marissa Cook, Chef de Mission for the Nauru Olympic Committee so excited by seeing their own design. Several articles  Tunisia, Dominica, and  New Zealand papers really  gave this project a global platform. 
We have even had Kate Sullivan an award short film maker  do 5 short films on the project for us which are now on youtube. She was so intrigued with the project and asked if She could do some filming around it which was an experience for all concerned.
Attached is a certificate giving our appreciation to you for your schools and students wonderful design. We are so very grateful for what you have helped to create here.
We believe a seed has been sown and as an immediate follow on ( we have ideas for the future too)  we wish to invite your school to take part in an activity for International Peace Day September 21st. We have 3 possible ideas, depending on whether your whole school or just one particular class eg art class is interested to continue to work with us. These may be done in assembly, in the class room or just where ever one happens to be at noon that day. We would love you to help us create a CIRCLE OF PEACE around the world.
1. The first  idea is for all students and staff to join hands on September 21st  at 12:00 noon your time. For everyone to close their eyes for 1 minute and make a wish or a prayer for peace. In this way we create a continuous ring of Peace around the World. To mark this moment, you could stand everyone in a line, holding hands, with the two people on the ends of the line holding out their hands, and take a picture of each end.
Lucy is willing to join all  the Photographs together to symbolise us all joining hands in the name of peace. 
2. If your school would prefer to join in through exercise, how about using an easy balance exercise. The basic exercise for many sports and good for daily living too. Each student and staff member to touch their nose with your first finger and stand on one leg for 30 seconds. Then swop over for the next 30 seconds blink1.gif  Designate some one to keep track of the time. Do check with your PE Teachers first that everyone is ok to take part.  We are sure they will be able to modify so everyone can participate.
3. For the art students already involved in this project, how about creating  an artistic ring of Peace around their classroom. You can be as inventive as your art teacher allows or you could just showcase your students design which is already in The Schools International Peace Quilt.
Please send pictures if your school gets involved and we can add to your schools page on the Blog site. 
Again, Thank you so much, this project is humbled by your response and wonderful art work received. 
Looking forward to working with you again sometime in the future,
Best Wishes 

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